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Welcome to OM Announcements.  Please send Caroline Bone our Information and Alumni Officer any announcements you would like posted on this page. Please include a photograph if possible. 

Matthew Colborn (06)

It’s with great sadness that we share with you that Matthew Colborn (06) died unexpectedly on 8th Feb 2018. He joined MCJS in 1997, going on to board in Grove House at the Senior School four years later. Academically gifted, he developed a keen interest in chemistry which he went on to read at Manchester University.

Matt’s career following university was colourful and varied. He made a big impact in his Gloucestershire community and made many good friends, not least his beloved girlfriend, Tasmin. A talented drummer, he loved nothing more than to jam with brother Rob, or walk his dog, Reuben, named after his favourite F1 driver - a sport for which he held a passion.

Matt was well known for his influential charisma – he loved to debate, and would speak ardently but sensitively, traits that were honed in Monkton’s Clark Society. He had a profound sense of right and wrong, and would never shy away from offering his opinion. His sharp humour was formidable but always good natured, and he saw humour in the least expected of situations. Always loyal, he would always be on hand to comfort and counsel.

Matt will forever be remembered by those who knew him best - his parents Hugh & Jill, Rob, Tasmin, close friends and of course the countless people whose lives he touched.  A celebration of his life will be held at 12.30pm on Weds 28th February, at St Peter’s Church in Newnham-on-Severn. 

Brigadier Tim Hackworth (51)

We are sad to announce the death of Brigadier Tim Hackworth who died of heart failure on September 29 2017 aged 84.  For a full obituary please click here.

David Mervyn Gilbart-Smith (61)

We are sad to announce the passing of David Gilbart-Smith who has died at the age of 74.  David attended Monkton in the late 50s.  He spent a large part of his life in Vancouver, Canada.  For a full obituary click here.

Daniel Ridgeon (11) and Harriet Tebbutt

Congratulations to Daniel Ridgeon (11) who married Harriet Tebbutt on 28th October 2017. 

Lotte Waller (nee Creeth) (03) & Major Harry Waller

We are pleased announce the marriage of Lotte Waller nee Creeth (03) to Major Harry Waller Royal Horse Artillery on 20th May 2017 at Middle Woodford Church.  The reception was held at Larkhill Packway Officers Mess.

David Date

We are sad to announce that David Date passed away on 12th December 2017.  The following is a tribute to David written by a former pupil of his David Morgan (62):

I first met David Date at the age of 11 when I went to MCJS in 1956. I immediately was involved in music and David Date encouraged me to sing in The Chapel Choir and of course me to take up the Trumpet.

He tutored me and accompanied me so that by the age of 12 I performed Jeremiah Clark’s Trumpet Voluntary in The Junior School Chapel. He made it so easy, there was always humour and a slight naughtiness.

When he became so important to me was one afternoon in a music room Mike Ellis and I were in together. It was at a time when playing popular music was very much frowned upon. Well Mike was playing Elvis’s Blue Suede Shoes and I was playing Pat Boone’s April Love on my trumpet. In walked Datey, and we thought that the World was about to end. All he said was that if you are going to play this you are going to play properly, sat us down and went through the music line by line until we got it right!

We met again many years later at a function...I went up to him and said "Hello David", he in typical fashion said "I am still ‘Sir’ to you Morgan!"

We became friends, and I worked with him when running the Longmead Jazz concerts, when he was the pianist. He really played so well. David was a joy to work with and be with.

Last ironical point is that tomorrow Giles Foster and I were to have tea with him, and today had the sad news. Interestingly Giles and I were on  the same Date *programme many years ago . Giles, Raindrops, me, playing All Through the Night.

Although after he had that terrible stroke, when I used to ring him he always sounded happy and content. Two years ago we had a garden party at David’s, *2 photos attached, one his summer house and valley, and another with that naughty boy Mike Ellis some nearly 60 years later. Such was the affection his pupils had for a truly wonderful musician and teacher who gave us our long lasting love of music. He is missed.

Gavin St John

We have recently received the news that Gavin St. John (80) passed away on the 1st June 2017 after a brave, long and hard fight against leukaemia.  Gavin attended both Monkton Junior and Senior Schools and was in Grove House.  After leaving Monkton Gavin took Business Studies and then worked in the City before becoming a Head Hunter, mainly appointing candidates in the financial sector.  He became a Roman Catholic when he married in 1998.  His funeral was conducted by Archbishop Paul Gallagher in Westminster Cathedral and was attended by many of his family and some six hundred friends and collegues.  He leaves a wife and three children.