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English as a Second Language

Developing the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading & writing

Students from overseas have been an important feature of Monkton for many years. At present, we have over 50 students from approximately fifteen different countries. The teaching of English as a Second Language is carried out by a well-qualified, experienced team of five members of staff, in a dedicated and well-equipped English as a Second Language Centre. Attention is given to developing all of the four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing, with particular emphasis given to the latter two which are so crucial to academic success.

English as a Second Language Courses

Students are tested prior to their arrival to assess their level of need for language support. The number of hours of English teaching provided ranges from three hours a week for those studying at A2 level, up to twelve hours a week for younger students on a more intensive course, who have arrived with just a basic level of English. Our aim is to improve their English to a point where students will be able to study effectively. This varies from individual to individual, but the following patterns tend to occur:-

Years 8-9

Depending on need, overseas students can have ESL lessons instead of mainstream English, Modern Languages and History. Most students will have ten or eleven lessons a week.

Years 10-11

Students have ESL lessons instead of mainstream English, and, unless very competent in English, in one of their GCSE option blocks, resulting in nine lessons a week. At the end of year 11, students will either take the GCSE for native speakers or the IGCSE in English as a Second language. More able students will also have an opportunity to take the FCE. (Cambridge First Certificate in English).

Years 12-13

Students study ESL instead of the Critical Thinking Course. They follow the two-year IELTS course for five lessons a week in year 12, and four lessons in year 13. One of these lessons each week is dedicated to developing intensive and extensive reading skills. The IELTS exam gives students the necessary qualification to go on to study at a UK university.

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