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About The OM Club

Many Monkton moons ago....

Tim Dewes and Dr Nigel Gough

OM General Secretary Tim Dewes with OM President Dr Nigel Gough

The Old Monktonian Club was established in May 1887, largely through the initiative of C.R. Heald, who initiated an OM Cricket Club at Cambridge which six months later was transformed into the OM Club.  The first President was H.S Brooke, the father of three OMs, and C.R. Heald was Secretary.  The subscription was a shilling a year!

The OM Club has grown and expanded since its humble beginnings and many OMs have given freely of their time to help run the Club and its various activities.

In 2010, the OM Club wound up its then current structure and administration, and handed them over to the School.  Mr Tim Dewes was appointed General Secretary and Mrs Emma Jane Taylor, President of the Club.  All pupils leaving from years 11 and above automatically become members. 

The current President is Dr Nigel Gough who took over from Emma Jane in 2015.  Please see his welcome video below. 

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